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A Special Thank you goes out to these wonderful young ladies who work long and hard to represent The Kitsap Saddle Club at many different events during the whole year. Thank you ladies!

Princess Ambyr

Queen Maraya

Hi everyone! My name is Ambyr Halfhill. I am a freshman at South KItsap High School and I am 15 years old. I am a member of the Kitsap Saddle Club and have been for 2 years. I am a member of 4-H in the Happy Trails equine club, and I’m also a member of FFA. Some of my hobbies are riding horses and playing sports. Some of the sports I participate in include soccer, softball, and bowling.
My horse is named Lucy and we have worked together for 3 years. She is a Arabian/Quarter cross, and she is 28 years old.
Together we ride western, bareback, and are slowly learning to ride english. Our favorite way to ride is western. Together we are learning/doing games because we love to run like the wind. We try to practice as much as possible for as long as possible. We would love to start learning to jump, which we soon will be doing. I have ridden  horses my entire life. My very first horse was a black and white pony named Daisy. I had gotten her when I was 2 years old. Ever since then my passion for horses has grown each day. Lucy and I love to show together. Our favorite class is trail  because we enjoy accomplishing difficult tasks together. We ran together for the Kitsap Saddle Club royalty court because I love helping people, and representing something I am passionate about. I would like to thank my sponsor Matheson Automotive and my family for all of their support. I look forward to seeing you and your horse at our next performance/game show.
-Ambyr Halfhill and Lucy

Bio Coming Soon!

Hi, My name is Maraya Brown.  I am 14 years old and am an 8th grader at Cedar Heights Middle School.  I am a Kitsap Saddle Club member and a member of the Shadow Riders 4-H equine group.
My horse Shiloh and I have been together 3 years.  He is an Egyptian Arabian.  He is  14.2 hh tall.  Shiloh is a Bay, has a blaze with 3 white socks.  He is 17 years old.
Shiloh and I ride English, Western, Bareback and Bridleless  My favorite is bareback and bridleless.  We have also started Gaming together.  We work hard and practice a lot together.  I also am in training with Kandis at Rosel stables.  Eventually I want to start jumping with my horse.
My hobbies are riding horses and collecting model horses.  I have loved horses since birth. My first horse with a black and white mini mare that was with foal. I also love showing horses.  My favorite class is the bareback class.  Shiloh and I love feeling the wind and riding as free as we can.
I ran for Kitsap Saddle Club Queen so I may represent my club and all we do.  I want to make to help make our events fun and bring happiness to others.  I will make myself available at shows to answer questions and to set a good sportsmanship example to others,
My sponsors thus far are My Great Grandma Sharon Johnson, Lori Vogel, Advanced Body Work Therapy and Grandma Teresa Ford,
Thank you, I look forward to working hard for my club this year.
-Maraya Brown and Shiloh


Junior Princess Emma

Proudly Announcing our 2017 Royal Court!