1470 Saddle Club Road

Port Orchard, WA 98367

For any questions on upcoming events please feel free to Call or email any one of our Board of Directors.

June 2017

3rd-Kandis Horton Clinic Time TBD

4th-Kandis Horton Clinic Time TBD

5th -KSC Board Meeting 6:30PM

7th-KSC Social Hour/General Meeting 6:00/7:00PM

9th -Arena Prep for show(Main Arena closed all day)

10th-KSC Performance Playday 9:00 AM

11th-KSC Games Playday 10:00AM

17th- Sea Spots "Older Kids/Older Horse show 10:00AM

24th-Fathoms of Fun Parade

July 2017

3rd-KSC Board Meeting 6:30PM

5th-KSC Social Hour/General Meeting 6:00/7:00PM

6th-Arena Prep for show(Main arena closed all day)

7th-KSC "B" System Horse Show 8:00AM

8th-KSC "B" System Horse Show 8:00AM

9th-KSC "B" System Horse Show 8:00AM

21st-Arena prep for show(Main arena closed all day)

22nd-KSC Performance Playday 9:00AM

23rd-KSC Games Playday

29th-Mark and May Edwards Clinic-Ranch Riding 9:00AM

29th-Whaling Day Parade

30th-Mark and May Edwards Clinic-Performance 9:00AM

31st-KSC August Board Meeting 6:30PM

August 2017

2nd-Social Hour/General Meeting 6:00/7:00PM

1st-4th-Arena Prep for Trail Challenge(Grounds Closed all day)

5th-Trail Challenge 9:00AM

6th-Trail Challenge 9:00AM

12th-KSC Performance Playday 9:00AM

13th-KSC Games Playday 10:00AM

21st-27th-Kitsap County Fair & Rodeo 

26th-Steve Rother Clinic 9:00AM

27th-Steve Rother Clinic 9:00AM

Upcoming Events for 2017:

KSC Events Calendar 2017