Tuesday nights are 4-H nights   (Contact Teresa Ford)


2nd KSC Board Meeting                                    6:30pm

4th KSC General Meeting                                  7:00pm

(Social Hour 6:00pm)

14th Tack Sale & Open House                          10:00am

(Contact Jodi Dickey for table rental)

22nd Clean-Up Day                                           10:00am

28th & 29th  Event Weekend: Performance & Games    

30th KSC Board Meeting                                    6:30pm


2nd KSC General Meeting                                           7:00pm

(Social Hour 6:00pm)

5th Main Arena Closed for Prep                                               

6th Lower Puget Sound Dressage Show                   9:00am

12th & 13th Event Weekend: Performance & Games             

14th & 15th Corey's Day on the Farm                          9:00am

19th Armed Forces Day Parade                                  10:00am

For any questions on upcoming events please feel free to

call or email any one of our Board members.

KSC 2018 Events Calendar

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The Kitsap Saddle Club